Effective Dec 12, iCollege Limited has changed its name to NextEd Group Limited and will trade with the ASX code NXD (ASX : NXD). New website will be launched in early 2023


A leading provider of high-quality education experiences 

We are iCollege


We are iCollege

iCollege operates a group of 11  education businesses plus a global international student recruitment agency. Each year we educate and inspire more than 22,000 students across the ELICOS, Vocational and Higher Education sectors. 

Our broad and diverse mix of domestic and international students undertake their courses either online or at our 15 high quality campuses located across Australia. In addition to this, many of our students are offered work placement and internship opportunities to complement their learning experience.

iCollege’s strong reputation and commitment to delivering industry relevant learning experiences has enabled it to build effective relationships with employers and industry groups, and to obtain accreditations and access to  funding from Commonwealth and State Governments. These accreditations and credentials have enabled iCollege to offer a diverse range of courses and programmes where there is growing demand for quality graduates.



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